There were 4 seasons in one day

This week had forecast to be mid-30 degrees and was ever-so muggy.

Yesterday was terrible; I went back to bed at 10.30am after an 8hr sleep and slept for two hours. The rest of the day I spent on the couch with hardly eating a thing. What came over me I’m just putting down to the weather playing havoc on me.

Saturday was hot, but was a lovely day. My mother and I went out to ChinaTown to go on a Murder Tour. We learnt about our city’s history and how the Chinese played a large part in Melbourne’s history and culture. We learned that there were numerous Whore Houses and of numerous buildings and places being haunted around ChinaTown and many more elsewhere. Also, the Chinese people brought along with them Opium and had shops where people would be able to smoke and snort and what-have-you. Opium became illegal in Melbourne early on in the 1900s and soon enough the business were no longer around.

Even there were shops where people could buy Cocaine. We were told the story of a man who was a soldier in WW1 and went to this place to get his hit. He went home ti find his girlfriend’s daughter asleep on their bed and quietly took her to her own bed. He then tried to cut his girlfriend’s throat with a blunt butter knife. The young girl heard the screams and ran to the police who later took the man into custody. He claims he had no recollection of the previous night.

It’s so wonderous to me how people lived before us and the shenanigans they got up to.

Do you have any family history you would like to share or any interesting stories about your home city & town you would also like to share?


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