Soldiering On to 2015

So we’re almost 3 weeks into the New Year and it has gone by so quickly. I’ve heard when you keep busy, time feels as though it passes quickly, although I’ve not been keeping busy; I’ve been doing the opposite.

I have only worked last Monday for about 6 hours and the other times I have been cleaning around and, well, nothing much! I have been waiting for settlement to happen, as it still hasn’t happened, and my patience is wearing extremely thin. I understand that the issues holding the vendor back takes time, but not this long. If Vendor had issues she needed to sort out, she should not have sold this house, as all of this is now creating problems for us and the Vendor family have now dragged us into all of this business which is not fair on us. It’s a pretty low act if you ask me; where are we supposed to find the money to pay our lawyer now? We did not expect this to happen and now the bill for her dealings is probably $10k(may be an exaggeration although it could not be!)! I’m just over this crap and going to blow my top if settlement doesn’t happen this week.

The job front doesn’t look very good, as Early Childhood is pretty quiet at this time. Families have gone on holidays and lots of children are transitioning from Kindergarten or Childcare onto Primary School, which is totally exciting! The 5 year olds, or even 6 year olds, will be starting a new venture and starting a new beginning in their lives. Even for us Educators it is wonderful to know the children who we cared for and helped the parents raise have become wonderful little people and have became extraordinary beings. In a childcare setting, some of the children would have been in the centres since they were babies or close to it, so to see these children graduate from Kinder/Preschool is such a delight, it’s so hard to describe! Anyways, enough of that from me, haha!

Here’s hoping you all have a great week ahead and I wish you well.

Love & Light


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