Christmas cheer, where are you?

Christmas cheer, oh Christmas cheer, where are you!?

I am ever so struggling to get into holiday mode, as I don’t actually have set holidays. Why? Because I work casually these days and with everything going on at home it’s hard to find the Christmas Spirit. Yesterday evening I received an email from our Bank Manager to say something about our loan had expired and we needed to provide payslips for it again. I haven’t been working like I was before(my payslip says I worked 34 hours one fortnight and 44 the next) and I am scared they will turn around and say no sorry we aren’t going to give you the loan any more. Am I over thinking? Maybe I’m just being a worry wart. Trouble is, I have no-one to talk to about any of this. My parents don’t give good advice and everyone dropped off the face of the Earth when I told then I’ve depression, so…

I need to make a Chocolate Ripple cake for tomorrow, Christmas Day, which my mum had asked of me. I’ve also got to clean the house for in case people visit for my birthday on Saturday. There’s no chance to do it tomorrow and Friday I’ve no idea!

On that note, Merry Christmas everyone and Best Wishes for 2015. May the year be prosperous for all.

Bye for now xox


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