“Another day, another dollar” they say. For some reason I don’t feel that it’s the case for me. When I’ve been given shifts, they either get cancelled or I get sent home early(which I really wish wouldn’t happen). Sometimes I think I am not liked by my superior and I am only there because they cannot find anyone else to do the job. I feel inadequate and as though I am not valued, as though I am not good at my job. My self worth has taken off and I cannot find it. Self doubt has been instated and I am feeling as though maybe the Early Childhood field isn’t for me after all. Then again, if my superior was not happy with me and thought I need to improve in some areas, why not give me some guidance and show me ways to improve on in the areas that need improving? If she was a great leader and manager, wouldn’t she show me these ways and demonstrate them herself? Better yet, how do I find these resources?

Early Childhood Education sector is mainly operated by women, I have found, more so then men and I have discovered that it is very competitive and rude. To be an Educator is difficult in ways in which I find a little tricky to describe at this point. I just wish someone had told me that it’s not what I think it is. I feel as though I am loosing my passion for this industry and it scares me so!

Anyone have any input to help me?


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