Dreaming Big with Feelings of… well… uncertainty **PART 1**

Who of you here reading this post believe we’re not the only “beings” on this Earth(besides the animals we share the Planet with)?

I know this sounds awful crazy to most, although I have been lead to believe that we humans in physical form do share the Planet Earth with beings which can be classified as paranormal. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve just bought a dwelling where my family and I will be residing for quite some time which is only 8 years old, so there isn’t likely a chance that there’s been a death. So hopefully we won’t be getting any surprises any time soon!

I’ve been bought up to believe, by my parents, that there are no such things as ghosts as when we all pass away there’ll be either Heaven or Hell in which we will spend all of Eternity to/in/what-have-you. Over the past 26 years of my (whole)life I have explored many means in where we all go when we pass on, as I’ve met various people of different backgrounds who have many diverse beliefs and cultures which have greatly influenced my life today. Growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne has definitely placed an effect on me in a way that I can’t explain, with having my own culture, which isn’t typically Australian, as my grandparents are from the Mediterranean island of Malta, and having a partner from Ethiopia, it really has had quite the impact on my life and beliefs greatly. Anyways, back to my topic! My folks don’t believe in the paranormal and certainly would not believe what  have to tell you!

I am unsure why my Dad doesn’t believe in the paranormal, as my grandmother has, and still does, tell me stories about when they lived in Sunshine and how there was an entity living in their house. One ‘episode’ was that when my grandmother’s brother had visited them once, her niece(about 4 years old at the time) had gone for a routine trip to the toilet but soon after had came back. When questioned as to why, my cousin had exclaimed that there was a big man standing in the bathroom. When my Uncle had gone to look, there was no-one to be seen. Another time when my parents had been dating and my mum had been waiting my dad’s arrival from work, my mum and grandmother had heard the front gate open and close and footsteps down hallway. They called out to who they thought was my dad but, to no avail, was he there. When he did arrive home, however, the gate made the sound of opening and closing and the ladies could hear footsteps and there was my Dad who had arrived home from his day’s work.

There have been many stories which I’ve been told by my grandmother, although too many to list and too long to write! If you readers are interested, I am more than happy to share! Even I have the odd story or two.

There have been times where I’ve been in unexplainable situations, and they still make me wonder to this day. What stories would you like to share?


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