Home Is Where The Heart Is

Well, do you want a story which will make your head spin?  — Here it is!

My partner and I were looking for a house to purchase. But… there is a catch. Upon purchasing a home in Australia, you will need two weeks to organise your finances and then give a minimum of 30 days to settle(its like time to organise your stuff and move into another property). Well, that’s what both parties agreed on. Little did we know that was not the case after all.

With settlement day fast approaching with one week to go, we discovered we could not settle and would not be able to move in, even though after a week had passed, we would have moved out of our rental thinking we’d have a new home to move into.

The vendor(owner of the property) has  A LOT on her plate(due to legal reasons & to cover my arse I won’t disclose what) and we couldn’t settle on the agreed date. So, two days later from the settlement date we moved into the property under licence, which allowed us to still move into the property. Kind of like renting in a way, we’d only be required to pay $1 a week until a settlement date was reached. One month later, to the date, we are still living here under licence and think the situation won’t change for a while yet.

I feel annoyed in a way, that the vendor did not organise her issues before she decided to sell this house, as it’s placed us in a position of uncertainty with many restless nights, as there is a chance we may not settle into the house. I do feel compassion for the woman and her children, although I don’t at the same time because where is ours? If we could not have moved here under licence, where else were we to live?

I think of myself as compassionate and caring and honest, whereas I am not perceived that way and it troubles me so. Have you ever been placed in a similar situation? Was there a situation which almost left you without a roof over your head? I’d love to hear about it and we can share ideas.

Peace be with you and have a fantastic weekend everyone xox Best Wishes from Australia


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