A follow-up to Horror Films & Children

You wouldn’t believe it; on Saturday night my Mum & I went to watch the film “Annabelle” at Highpoint Cinemas. If you’re unfamiliar with the film, it is based on a true story about a doll that became possessed by a woman who was apart of a cult that, I think, worshipped the Devil(correct me if I’m wrong!). Then when the woman died, she possessed the doll and wanted to take a pure soul, which was the couple’s baby. I won’t go into detail as you may want to watch the film and I will spoil it for you!

Anyway back to what I wanted to share! There was a lady with her son, aged maybe 11 years old, who was frightened! He reminded me of when I watched the movie “Scream” with my cousins, like I mentioned in a previous post.

There’s a couple that featured in the film “The Conjuring” who’s website I’ve posted for you to visit:- http://www.warrens.net/Annabelle.html

The picture below is of the Warren family’s basement(I think) where they’ve made it into a museum for haunted possessions and items which belong to various different people over the years. The Raggedy Ann doll in the box with a cross on top of it, is the Annabelle doll which I’ve previously mentioned.

Just looking at the photo gives me goosebumps and shivers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this entry and if it interests you, Google it! 🙂


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