Horror Films and Children

Scream http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/330396739742

As an approximately 9 year old child,’I watched Scream for the first time on VHS(yes, that’s right!) thinking it wouldn’t scare as movies such as this didn’t usually.
As I proceeded to watch on, with my two older cousins and their boyfriends, I began to feel  somewhat squirmish. After the movie had came to an end, we continued about our day. What happened during the week was something I never expected.

Soon enough, Monday came around and we all got our individual chance to talk about what we did on the weekend. All my friends couldn’t believe how brave I was in watching it.
Of what I can now remember, as it was more than 15 years ago for me, I could envision the murderer’s face through the shower screen straight through to my bedroom(as you would look out from the shower and across the hallway was my bedroom). it would brighten me so much, I had to sleep in the front lounge room for about two weeks!

After that, I made sure I didn’t watch another horror film for a long time!

— Chloe ‘xox


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